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* Online Rating Ranking: 12    

Liu Tianrong (chief judging panel):

Winner: Aresca (038) 《The Fallen Goddess Ishter and The Bull of Heaven》
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Name of contester: Aresca
Contest number: 038
Title: 《The Fallen Goddess Ishter and The Bull of Heaven》
Description: Ishter, a Goddess from Mesopotamian Mythology, proposed marriage to Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk . Gilgamesh insulted her with a song , refusing her offer and the enraged Ishter then sent the Bull of Heaven to punish him and his people. "An earthquake fixed a grave for nine dozen citizens of Uruk . Two or three or four hundred victims, maybe more than that, fell into Hell..." [Jackson 42-43] After three days and nights , Gilgamesh and his best friend Enkidu killed the Bull of Heaven. Ishter lost the battle and she was punished by the Gods . They cut off her head and bound her soul to the guilty Bull of Heaven , then sent them both to the deepest pit of hell....
Location: oversea(Canada)
Sexuality: M
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