Chief Judging Panel
(Arranged in random order)

Simon Yuen
Senior Character TD, Sony Pictures Imageworks
  Simon Yeun currently a Senior Character TD at Sony Pictures Imageworks on the film Monster House. Previously, he was a Character TD at Luma Pictures on an upcoming feature film called Cave. And before that, he was a Senior Modeler for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Simon has been doing cg for about 8 years now. Nowadays, Simon mainly focus on Modeling and Character setup.


Guo Jianquan
VFX Supervisor, China Film Group Hualong Film Digital Production Co. Ltd.
1986 Graduated in Science and Technology University Of ChenDu
1986 — 1992, Worked on Architecture Design & City Planning
1992, Worked on Film Post Production
2001 — Present, China Film Group Hualong Film Digital Production Co. Ltd. , Supervisor:
(Peacock, 2005) Digital VFX Supervisor
(A World Without Thieves, 2004) VFX Supervisor
(Master of Everything, 2004) VFX Supervisor
(Warriors Of Heaven And Earth, 2003) Digital VFX Supervisor


Liu Tianrong
Cofounder & Chief Editor, (CG Magazine)
Cofounder, Chief Editor of (CG Magazine), the most well-known professional computer and graphics magazine in China.
Cofounder of "CCGF" (China Computer Graphics Festival), the most influenced international conference in CG industry of China, with 3 years history.
Cofounder of "China Digital Art Committee Award", the most authoritative award in CG Art of China
Chief Editor of "Yearbook of Chinese 3D works" (Published in 2002)


Don Ma
Animation Director, Centro Digital Pictures Ltd.

With more than 10 years experiences in computer animation production, Don currently works in Centro Digital Pictures Ltd. as animation direction, mainly responsible for TV commercials, game trailer and digital VFX of film. Familiar with Discreet 3ds max, Adobe After Effect and some 3d software, he is deeply addicted to research into different new software and visual effects. Jogging, basketball and film watching are all his hobbies. Recently, Don mainly focus on the films of Kung Fu Hustle and Wuji.


Kenny Chow
Co-Founder, CGIG

Kenny was a graduate from The University of Hong Kong with honor bachelor degree in Computer Science. Instead of being a programmer, he began his career in Wharf Cable Ltd. as a graphics designer. Then, he has been a computer graphics animator and technical director in Centro Digital Pictures Ltd. until 2001. Within these years, he has participated in many TV commercials, video and film production, including The Stormriders (1998), The Legend of Zu (2001) and so on.

Recently, Kenny is mainly involved in education of multimedia and independent animation creation, his recent work is called 非人幻想曲 .


Mark Lam
Co-founder of
  With 7 years experienced in computer animation production, mainly focus on Modeling, Character setup and Animation. Mark established in 2001, and is currently involved in MMO online game production.


Judging Panel
(Arranged in random order)

Beely Ho
Experienced producer at multimedia and animation profesion
  MOD of, an experienced producer, who worked in TV production for over 8 years mainly focusing on the multimedia and animation profession. Recently, Beely is addicted to research into animation creation and photo taking.


Patrick Wong
Lead Texture Artist , Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
  MOD of, Patrick emigrated to Canada in 1993 and learned 3D in 1996. His recent projects include the Short animated film,The Last Straw, 2003 Accato conference project , Sony music commercial and Stuart Little 3.


Harry Hung
Lighting & Texture Supervisor, Centro Digital Pictures Ltd.
  MOD of, Harry began his career in stage fashion design and management in the beginning, recently working in a famous HK CG company as supervisor, mainly focusing on lighting and texture profession.


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