* CGVS Bronze Awards Winner
* Best WIP Awards Winner

* Final Ranking: 3 * WIP Ranking: 1 * Online Rating Ranking: 7

Guo Jianquan (chief judging panel):
創意具有一些新意 , 從模型、材質、燈光、構圖、渲染各方面整體表現出色。

Simon Yuen (chief judging panel):
This is an interesting piece. The strongest part of this piece is its design. I think it has a very unique design and approach to the topic. Definitely not a generic design. The 3d piece was well translated from the 2d design. The layout and composition however could be stronger. The environment doesn't seem to be complimentary to the piece. Maybe it would help more if the background help present the character in some ways, maybe explain what his character is or why he looks the way he does...etc. instead of just being there as some sort of background. The design of the piece itself, as unique as it is, could also be even more pushed to define some of the details more. For example, how and why are the heads stuck together like that, is it for feeding purpose.? How about the way the feet is, why is it the way it is, does this creature move a certain way so it needs feet like this...etc. Some of the anatomy could also be tighten as well. Overall, in terms of design, I think this stands out the most. Definitely not your typical 'monster' idea.

Winner: Moc (061) 《天氣好!晒乾貨去》
Final CG Work
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Concept Art

Name of contester: Moc
Contest number: 061
Description: 首先是避開過去大家在媒體上見過的造型,我實在不想浪費時間在人家的構思上。首先我把畫面安排為三個景深度,前後景以鬆矇處理,配合冷暖色調對比,把畫面焦點集中在主角身上,成為一個黑色幽默畫面。
Location: Hong Kong
Sexuality: M
CGVS Competition Area: More WIP images and discussion




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