* CGVS Gold Awards Winner
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* Final Ranking: 1 * WIP Ranking: 2 * Online Rating Ranking: 1

Simon Yuen (chief judging panel):
Overall, this is the most well executed piece. The overall design, execution, and the quality of the work is very good. The choice of color, mood, and environment for the piece works well. The composition and layout is also effective. The characters themselves are great. Personally, I think the monster's design could be even pushed a bit more to make it more standout and believable. But that is being very picky. The model seems to be well modeled and has good flows, the creature has good texture and lighting. Again, being picky, some smaller details like the feet of the creature could be improved. Currently the design is a bit confusing as to what the anatomy might really look like. Like how does the feet work, whats the anatomy, muscle, skeleton look like underneeve. Same thing with the thigh area and the shoulder / deltoid area. Some of the details could be more clear to convey a more realistic anatomical structure. This will make the creature even more stand out and believable. But again, these are suggestions to push it to the next level. Overall, great job.

Guo Jianquan (chief judging panel):
美術功力強,作品整體效果很好, 從 WIP 過程看到作者善於使用 zbrush; 在材質 / 燈光和渲染環節略有不足。

Don Ma (chief judging panel):

角色具原創性,創意度甚佳。至於角色的 Modeling 也非常仔細。質感運用極之合當,整體顏色處理統一協調。至於構圖整體及主角放在黃金分角線的位置,能加強吸引觀眾的住意力。在整體技巧配合上,用了不同軟件,Maya Modeling 、Max Rendering 、能利用它們的長處,配合成這樣的 Image。整體印象,這個畫面非常完整,可給予觀眾非常好的感覺及帶來故事的幻想。

Kenny Chow (chief judging panel):

The picture demonstrates a very strong aesthetics sense, in terms of composition, color and lighting. The characters are carefully positioned to direct audience attention. The talent of craftmanship is shown in the modelling and texturing. If the monster could be made distinguished from western-styled dragon, the creativity would be even stronger.

Mark Lam
(chief judging panel):


Winner: 红葉瘋了 (138) 《獵頭者》
Final CG Work
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Completed Wireframe Images

Concept Art

Name of contester: 红葉瘋了
Contest number: 138
Title: 《獵頭者》
Description : 偉大的阿爾撒大陸再次受到魔族的侵略,就在獸族勇士們即將收復家鄉的土地時,魔族派出了爪牙獵頭者,憑藉超人的速度和力量在瞬間取下了獸族古達部落首領的首級,整個獸族再次陷入了困境……使用軟件:3dmax, brazil, photoshop
Location: Mainland China
Sexuality: M
CGVS Competition Area: More WIP images and discussion




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