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* Online Rating Ranking: 3    

Kenny Chow (chief judging panel):
The chosen theme is quite outstanding among other monsters. The composition is thoughtfully arranged. It successfully conveys the relationship between human habitat (background) and the tiny monster (foreground). The rat now is still a bit ordinary, some more scary elements should be included, say, it is eating insects, flesh or even bones. Maybe, it also carries some preys' body parts along...

Winner: Pcjohn (157) 《LITTLE MONSTER》
Final CG Work
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Concept Art

Name of contester: Pcjohn
Contest number: 157
Description: 怪物給人印象都是一些龐大,怪異,恐怖的生物.我腦海裏總是幻想一些小巧,但卻狡猾的小怪物.它生活在我們身邊,但我們總是很難髮現它們.它們有自己的空間,適應能力超強.無論環境怎樣惡劣,它們總能頑強生存.設想有一天,人類滅亡,生存的生物,可能就是它們.
Location: Mainland China
Sexuality: M
CGVS Competition Area: More WIP images and discussion




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