* Honourable Mentions
* Online Rating Ranking: 15    

Kenny Chow (chief judging panel):
I rated it highest mostly because of its creativity. The monster is very exceptional from those predator-style, however the final image is successfully scary. The story behind is effectively delivered. Although the model-making is comparatively simpler, the compositing with photo-image also shows strong production skills. The inadequacy is the girl's facial expression.

Winner: Rubber_soul (181) 《神秘的橙子》
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Name of contester: Rubber_soul
Contest number: 181
Title: 《神秘的橙子》
Description: 某天,美少女如常地把家中的橙子切開。突然,橙子發出慘烈的尖叫聲 !!神秘的橙子就在美少女的面前打開了 ......
Location: Hong Kong
Sexuality: M
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